The Date, Time, And Location

When choosing your wedding date, time, and location, consider your guests, too. Letting them know the date and location in advance helps to plan their attendance, hotel room, and proper attire. Some guests may be traveling across the town or country, so they could take the time to arrange for travel or even childcare. 

The Flow

Plan the flow of your wedding. Leaving considerable gaps before each program, like having your wedding ceremony in the morning and reception at night, can lead to unhappy guests. Organize an activity if you need to fill the afternoon and keep things on track as best as you can.


Wedding entertainment is a crucial element in ensuring your guests enjoy the day as much as possible. Make sure you hire an experienced band or a DJ who can adjust their music accordingly for maximum enjoyment on the dancefloor. To make your wedding extra special, consider incorporating unique activities such as lawn games, table games, photo booths – even an interactive food station! Your guests will thank you for providing them with more than just good tunes on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Saying Hello

Every wedding is a special day, and it’s important to ensure that all your guests feel welcome. Make sure you take the time to stop by each table, even if there are many attendees, particularly those who traveled from far away, to join in your celebrations. To host an unforgettable event no matter how big or small, Gala Banquets can help make your dream Chicago-area nuptials beautiful with their range of stunning polish banquet halls and wedding venues – book now for availability!