Affordable Wedding Venues Chicago

Here comes the bride, and the groom of course, but with all eyes on her, she should be in one of the finest Chicago wedding venues possible to make it the most special day in her life. Gala & Stardust Banquets offers affordable wedding venues near me Chicago while also being versatile and beautiful to make the décor exactly the way you envision the space. Plus, we can incorporate a menu that is sure to please the lucky-in-love couple and all their family and friends. There is no better way to celebrate the perfect union between two people than by holding your wedding event at today’s best wedding venues in Chicago suburbs. This will surely be a day to remember as you grow old together, and we are delighted to be a part of you both starting your lives as one.

What You Can Expect From Our Chicago Wedding Venues


Sweet Menus

At Gala Banquet, we think that sharing memorable moments in life over a beautiful dinner is the best way to do it. For any special celebration, reception, or business event, our award-winning culinary staff will prepare an amazing assortment of Middle Eastern cuisine.


Inspiring Location

At Chicago’s most popular mid-sized event space modern elegance and traditional beauty collide. Gala Banquet exudes class and refinement because its Renaissance-era architecture, star-shaped crystal chandeliers, programmable ambient LED lighting, and hand-made decorations are the best hall rental for your event.

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Dedicated Service

Gala Banquet guarantees that every element of your special event (hand-selected cuisine selections, bespoke LED lighting, and professional entertainment) will be precise, as you planned, by putting experienced organizers and skilled service employees at your fingertips.